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In the past decades I have 

  • advised hundreds of organisations on their data & technology strategies; 

  • written and spoken extensively about the crossroads of technology, justice and rights; 

  • engaged in research to explore the connections between tech and activism;

  • advocated for reform around tech regulation and data rights, and 

  • led diverse global teams to create a healthier and safer online world.

Coming from the Hungarian advocacy community, I have been an advocate for strategic, ethical and responsible technologies for 15 years now. I managed several data-driven projects at the award-winning Hungarian watchdog, K-Monitor, leading pioneer research to explore how countries in the region share data about their public spending; how online media portals can develop safe and secure online channels for their whistleblowers; and how the social networks of the Hungarian political elite can be best analysed through data-driven strategies. In 2012, I moved to Washington DC, to lead the international work of the Sunlight Foundation, working closely with transparency and human rights activists and supporting them to make the most of data and innovation. 


In 2015 I joined The Engine Room, an entirely distributed global team that supports activists with their data strategies and conducts original research in the intersections of technology and justice-focused activism. At first I was managing the organisation largest programmatic portfolio, advising activists around the globe on issues related to emerging technologies, from responsible data management, to secure communications, to data-driven advocacy. Since 2018 I have been leading growing team at The Engine Room as their Executive Director, being in charge of the vision, financial health and overall development of the organisation.


2015-: The Engine Room (global)

2012-15: The Sunlight Foundation (US)  

2009-12: K-Monitor (Hungary)

2006-09: Ability Park (Hungary) 

Access Info Europe, Advisory Board

Digiwhist Board

OpenSpending Steering Group

Anti-corruption Research Network

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2001-2007: Corvinus University of Budapest

2002-2007: College for Social Theories

2005: Freie Universität Berlin

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